​The Dirty Basics

Finally, a “no equipment needed” workout program that burns fat, saves time, and increases strength FAST!

“The Dirty Basics boils fitness down to essentials which means less stuff, less complications, less distraction, and greater results.”
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Who Can Benefit From the Dirty Basics?


The Dirty Basics is uncomplicated, easy to follow, and can be done from ​ANYWHERE without ANY equipment.​ The program will help you quickly and efficiently learn the skills necessary to use your bodyweight as your primary means of building a foundation of strength, increasing cardio capacity, and establishing a rock solid core.


By giving up the preconceived notions of what it takes to get fit and move better, this program is about essential movements that are efficient and more meaningful. The experienced can escape the confines of the gym and learn new-school bodyweight movements to stay competitive, fluid, and fit by maximizing the use of space and time.

Simply put,

The Dirty Basics was built to serve ALL fitness levels,

both new and experienced...
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Join Thousands of Other Squad Members Who:

Have benefited from real-time foundational bodyweight movements that eliminate wasteful action allowing them to train with less time, less effort, and less distraction.
Have learned how to gain strength, increase cardio capacity, and obtain bulletproof core strength by performing simple bodyweight movements.
Have access to a well programmed workout system that is 100% dedicated to bodyweight training, located in a single place, making it easy to access each movement and every workout when you want them.
Are part of a collective community of Squad members dedicated to bodyweight training as a practice, a lifestyle, and an art form, which will help raise the standard of what it means to be FIT.
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What’s Inside?

The Dirty Basics Program

The Dirty Basics course includes ​lifetime access to​ 14 individual 20 minute workouts meant to be performed 3 days per week over a 30 day period. The moves include beginner to advanced bodyweight movements. Pause the workout when it’s too much and continue where you left off, or complete one workout and continue immediately to the next. The choice is yours depending on your level of fitness.
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“thank you very much tee and all of you who are part of this great team for all the motivation” -Héctor Bandolero Martinez

“just finished this workout. All I can say is that my whole body is shaking and I’m loving it!! Best workouts ever 🙂” -Sana Kader

“Needed that circuit 😘🙌🏅💪🛀❣” -Oliviah Campbell

“These live workouts are awesome! Thank you!” -Alison Lackey

“Awesome workout!!! Now I can start my Monday” -Lety Campos

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What Do I Get If I Sign Up?

1 Lifetime access

Lifetime access to a 30-day workout program that can be completed from anywhere without any equipment.

2 14+ hours of workouts

Including strength, cardio, and core ciruits that make up The Dirty Basics.

3 Part of a larger mission

I believe that building a foundation on bodyweight movements is important. My long term mission is to provide the education, community, support, and most importantly, I wanted to create something that could bring simplicity and balance to your life, both physically and mentally.

4 30-Day guarantee

This is a new program and a new site, but I stand by all of it. If you sign up, try it out, and decide this isn’t for you, just email and we’ll issue you a full refund. Easy.

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Frequent Questions

How is The Dirty Basics different from other programs Tee has released before?
Fundamentals are fundamentals. A lot of the movements you will see in The Dirty Basics are movements that I have used in previous programs. However, these workouts are put together in a way that systematically rotate movements in a way that allows you to familiarize yourself with them and perfect them. We also include new progressions of foundational movements that keep the workouts interesting and keep you working hard.
Where, when, and how can I watch the workouts?
At the middle of The Dirty Basics website is the weekly grid with links to each workout. Clicking on any of these days or links will take you to the individual workout.

Within each workout you also have the ability to skip to any circuit you are interested in.
Can I download and do the workouts offline?
No, but you have lifetime streaming access.
Can I do the workouts anytime I want?
Yes, you can do the workouts at your own pace.

The Dirty Basics is organized into 30 days of training. They are available for you to do at your own pace and schedule and you have lifetime access to the workouts so you can go back to them at any time.
What does the 30 day guarantee cover?
Everything. This is a new course and a new site. We have a few surprises to update soon. If you have any questions or concerns ​you can email us for help.
If I sign up, what do I actually own?
When you sign up for The Dirty Basics, you OWN the The Dirty Basics workout. Those videos are yours for life. Your access to that never expires.
If I don’t sign up now, can I still get the discount later?
The full price of this program is $99. The current price includes a limited time discount. As we add new material, we’re removing more of the discount.

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“Loved skipping the gym today ​;)​ great workout... -6 months pregnant from Florida! ( Did modify on the ab exercise )” -Ali A Gerwe​

“Love Your training, using it in my own Boxing crew warm up......they love it” -Max Sguazzino​

“Did this today since I missed it yesterday! Love these circuits and have been doing them since 2012 when I met you in Kyrgyzstan - So good to work out with you again. You've kept my retired military a_ _ moving for 4 years now!” -Tracy L. DeMarco​

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“My daughter (5) and I just finished this one... it's my 4th one so far this month and I'm loving it!! I stopped working out 2 years ago because of work and haven't found motivation or willingness to go back due to knowing I am not as good as I was before! This is helping me rebuild my self and I feel great!!! Thank you!” -BrandaLynn Lea​

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